Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stephen Moller get's released 1 week early

July 1st, 2009

Contact: Elke Kennedy
Sean's Last Wish

Stephen Moller get's released 1 week early

Greenville, SC - Elke Kennedy was informed via Phone today, July 1st 2009, that Stephen Andrew Moller has been released from prison. Mr. Moller was responsible for the murder of her son Sean Kennedy on May 16th 2007. He was indicted for only involuntary manslaughter and sentenced on June 11 2008 to a 5 year sentence suspended to three years, received credit for the 199 he served in county lock-up. He was supposed to stay in prison till September 7th 2009, however he received 2 month credit for good behaviour by getting his GED while in prison.
He was eligable for early parole on December 28th 2008 already. In a early parole hearing on February 11 2009 he was denied parole and his release date was set to July 7th 2009.

Again the judicial system failed they say one thing and do something else. He should have served every single day of the already short sentence, instead he was released from prison today, one week early.

Where is the justice?


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