Friday, February 13, 2009



In the aftermath of so many deaths of our lgbt children and teenagers why is it, when after reading the latest in Larry King’s hate crime and others that did not get such attention, that the national lgbt organizations are not calling for action? Every website I went to is promoting events or the scare tactics of the so called Christian right wing propaganda and not one call to action.

They had news updates on the crimes that got the major media attention and although such is crucial, what is being done to once and for all take action to stop this emotional and physical massacre of lgbt children? These children, especially those who live in poverty and or of minority races/religions, are the most vulnerable of everyone in this civil rights pursuit.

The time is past due for everyone who is lgbt and or the parents, families or friends of lgbt human beings of all ages, to organize a march, to “act up,” to call their congressional and or state representatives. We should all make such an outcry that it will be heard and seen worldwide!

Stop the fussing among each other over this and that and take to the streets! Flood the switchboards of congress! You can talk a topic to death while our children are on the front lines with no relief on the horizon. They need all of us and now, not when another life has been lost and groups call for vigils. Why haven’t any of the national organizations sought to develop and promote a traveling memorial to all who have lost their lives to this ongoing war of terror being waged by fundamentalist, right wing terrorists in our own nation? Call them what they are, don’t dance around it.

This nation and the world must see the cost in human lives this ongoing war consumes. No one is safe, and I mean no one, including those who wage this war. When will they hug a friend of the same gender and the assumption is made they are gay? Go to a costume party and be mistaken for a transgender person or child? If certain people see such, they can and do react with violence.

I beg of each person and organization, look beyond thy self and take action for those who cannot. Now, I ask of every individual and organization, where is your outrage?

Carolyn Wagner
Families United Against Hate

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